Thursday 25th October

Sun in Scorpio will conjoin Saturn in Scorpio at 4:32 AM EST / 1:32 AM PST.
That’s going to reveal every detail of what (or whom) you must now deal with.

This is a rare event that will only be repeated on 6 November 2013 and 18 November 2014. Thereafter, Saturn will move on into Sagittarius and it will take him until November 2041 to return to Scorpio again.
Grab your charts and look up. If you have any planets from 0-5 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Pisces this forecast will be of significant importance to you.
On October 25, we begin a new yearly cycle between the Sun and Saturn.   The Sun is our sense of individuality and our identity, so whenever we have planetary conjunctions with the Sun this represents a new growth cycle.
Sun conjoined to Saturn is a low energy day and you need to use the energies that are available to build foundation in your life.  It is recommended that you do not dwell on feelings of loneliness or depression. On a more positive note, this is a great day for professional advancement and looking good in front of those that matter.

Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5 2012
While Saturn transited Libra from late 2009 until October 2012, our one-to-one committed relationships came up for inspection. We took a more serious, critical look at these relationships, and imbalances were more difficult to tolerate. With Saturn in Scorpio, we dig more deeply into the dynamics of our relationships. Saturn demands simplicity, definition, realism, and truth wherever it touches our charts.
When it comes to our closest relationships, we are likely to question their power dynamics and the level of intimacy we have attained. We may be more difficult to please in our close relationships, but the “assessments” we make now are in reality important ones. Partnerships require work, as we learned while Saturn transited Libra, but now the work goes deeper. Are we trying to control our partner instead of putting faith in the relationship?

We might aim to control our behavior and moods, preferring to give off an image of calm, cool, and collected. We can struggle with revealing our dependencies and vulnerabilities with this position of Saturn. The challenge will be releasing our fears and anxieties and expressing them without fear that we may be giving up our power in so doing. By denying our dependencies, we restrict ourselves. Saturn might require us to let go of one or more dependencies on others, a source of financial support, or an addiction. While this may initially feel extremely uncomfortable, ultimately we in fact gain a sense of personal empowerment.

The kind of love we may have sought while Saturn was in Libra may now feel too mechanical, impersonal, and detached. Whether or not true intimacy exists between partners will be called up for inspection during this cycle. Simply being close, spending time with one another, and sharing activities side by side may have previously given us an illusion of intimacy. Saturn in Scorpio will expose these illusions and perhaps leave us wanting for a more penetrating closeness with a partner.

Generally speaking, Scorpio is a cold, watery, nocturnal, feminine fixed sign and is ruled by Mars, called the Lesser Malefic. Key words for Scorpio are: sex and sensuality, death and rebirth, forbidden secrets and hidden matters. People with Scorpio rising or the Sun in Scorpio are often thought to be generally suspicious, calculating and intensely secretive.
Many are nervous about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, losing sight of the fact it will support the other Water signs, Cancer and Pisces via a trine aspect. Earth signs will also fare well via a sextile aspect, especially if you work to bring this forward.

If we have a general look at Saturn, who is also called the Greater Malefic, we find him to be a cold, dry diurnal planet. He mainly represents sobriety, setbacks and restrictions, and when in Scorpio, he specifically indicates the possible appearance of serious problems, as well as an increase in phases of melancholy. During Saturn in Scorpio, many people are drawn towards an exploration of the paranormal or the occult sciences.

With the Sun in Scorpio, we are exposed to similar themes, like an increase in melancholy but may also experience spells of fanaticism, jealousy, a heightened level of determination, and become intensely passionate. We also may be more secretive, manipulative, sneaky or obsessive.

Saturn in Scorpio can denote emotional repressions and deep psychological complexes relating to financial security, sex. Saturn does invoke a craving for the qualities of whatever sign it inhabits or planet it touches. In Scorpio, we will be craving intimacy and depth of experience, but it will take some time to get there. Saturn slows things down to a near-stall, and this can be agonizing if we are impatient or desirous of instant results. Saturn takes its time, and this is a good thing. We can get to a healthy, balanced place only if we take our time doing so.
We’re likely to deal with issues of blame in our relationships. If we are blaming an existing partner for our unhappiness in the relationship, we’re going to learn that we have to take back, or re-own, responsibility for our own happiness.

Saturn demands definitions, structures, and commitments.
This is a time for making clear choices and decisions, for weeding out what isn’t working for us, and for letting go of lost causes.
Saturn’s transit of Scorpio can help us to take steps towards self-mastery and self-empowerment by tackling and mastering things that undermine us and that take away our power, such as compulsive behaviors, addictions, and large debts. We can learn that changes and endings are necessary for growth, and for a better future. We can work on developing our depth of character and our sense of purpose. Saturn in Scorpio can help us to see that experiencing intense feelings can actually lead us toward healing and eventual empowerment. We can learn to manage our shared resources with a partner in a healthier manner.
Between 16 October and 4 November Saturn is very close to the Sun; traditional astrologers say that during this time Saturn is combust. During this time we all will be exposed to the influences of this conjunction and, as the ancient masters told us, the closeness of the Sun will increase the damaging effect of Saturn.
To get the biggest benefit, when you see a Saturn figure (someone with authority / wisdom / age / Capricorns etc.), befriend them if possible. But no matter what, pay attention to any clues or instruction they give you, because these people will be there to guide and support you.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein

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