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Hidden Treasures of New York City

The first time you visit New York City, you go directly to must–see sites like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Central Park. But then you return, time and time again, because there’s always something new to discover: a new museum exhibit, a new trendy neighborhood, a new restaurant. Here are a few hidden treasures that should be on your must-see list the next time you visit the Big Apple.
The Lower East Side Tenement Museum – This little treasure near the Brooklyn Bridge offers a thought-provoking history of immigrants living in NYC from approximately 1850 to 1930.

The Cloisters – This branch of the Metropolitan Museum at the northern tip of Manhattan is celebrated for its medieval architecture and flowering gardens.
Bronx Botanical Gardens – Explore inside the landmark glasshouse to see spectacular seasonal exhibitions, a tropical rain forest, a cactus–filled desert and many other plants that can be seen nowhere else in New York.
The Museum of the Moving Image – An entertaining and educational place to learn about the artistry, history and techniques of film. Visitors can read lines from “The Wizard of Oz,” escape green-screen disasters and project their heads above iconic costumes.
Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company – A one–of–kind shop to purchase capes, secret identity kits, grappling hooks and more, with all proceeds benefiting a kids’ writing center.

Insights for Traveling in Italy

Italy is an extremely popular destination for many well-deserved reasons. The depth of its culture, the beauty of its cities, the splendor of its history and the friendliness of its people combine to create the perfect storm of tourist gratification. Still, there are many things you should know before you go to ensure a positive, tranquil travelling experience.
Timing is Everything – To experience Italy when the weather is pleasantly mild and the crowds are pleasantly absent, visit between April and June.
Try, Then Buy – Fashion is all around in Italy, from street markets to upscale malls. Unfortunately their clothing sizes can be confusing, so just make sure you try on anything you want to purchase. You’ll be glad you did because returning or exchanging an item is uncommon in Italian stores.
Demonstrate Caution – Avoid political demonstrations and other protests. Watch the news and pay attention to U.S. Department of State warnings to know where demonstrations may be happening.
Kids Don’t Do Culture – Italy is a smorgasbord of art, architecture and cultural delights, which kids will call “boring!” Small hotels without pools and long lines into museums do not mix well with most children under 12, so consider leaving them back home with relatives. Teenagers, oddly enough, might not care much for the culture either, but they will enjoy Italy’s style and international flair.
Days Off – Many shops are closed on Sundays and holidays due to Italy’s religious devotion, while museums often take Mondays off.

Romantic Honeymoon Hotspots

There are millions of people we could marry, but only one has the right combination of qualities to walk down the aisle with. The same can be said for honeymoon destinations. There are thousands to choose from, but only one has everything you need for your special journey. Here’s our list of current honeymoon hotspots, one of which hopefully possesses the elements you need to say “I do…want to go there.”
Fiji – For a tropical escape that caters to all vacation types, look no further than picture–perfect Fiji. Privacy seekers can peacefully lounge in secluded hideaways throughout the island, or those yearning for action can hike through rainforests and up mountains, or snorkel in water so calm and clear, you can spot colorful fish many meters away. A nearby alternative is Tahiti, where overwater bungalows provide honeymooners with a truly unique lodging experience.
Canadian Rockies – A winters paradise with stunning views, the Canadian Rockies are a sure bet for honeymoon bliss. Hours of skiing, white water rafting or glacier watching are balanced perfectly with romantic sleigh rides, pampering spa treatments and long nights with your partner staring into a flickering fire.
Florence – Romance can be found in every Italian city, yet Florence stands out as an ideal honeymoon destination. This intimate city is easy to enjoy, thanks to attractions such as the Duomo and the Uffizi, yet it never overwhelms you. So relax, take long walks through the labyrinthine alleyways, and stare into each other’s eyes while feasting on local food and wine.
Turks & Caicos – One of the Caribbean’s least developed islands, Turks & Caicos is a tranquil paradise tailor made for honeymooners. Spend long, leisurely days on secluded beaches and swimming above vibrant coral reefs, only to retire to your plush hotel before heading out for a dazzling dining experience.
Napa Valley – Limitless wine–tasting opportunities, along with exquisite views and romantic B&Bs, attract honeymooners from around the world to wine country. Each day is a breath of fresh air and a sip of sublime vintages, helping you become more intoxicated with your beloved.

Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

Just a few years ago, the sight of a dog hanging out in a hotel lobby would have been an anomaly. Now it’s almost commonplace to see leashes among the luggage as more and more travelers take their pets with them on holidays. As the customer demand for pet–friendly accommodations grows, many hotels have created special programs to appeal to our four–legged friends. Here are three exceptional chains that will gladly welcome Fido with open arms and wagging tails.
W Hotel – At check–in, dogs and cats receive their own welcome packet complete with toys and treats.Dog–tired pets can refresh from their long journeys with special beds and food and water dishes placed in their rooms. Concierges provide recommendations for walking paths, grooming and veterinary services, and nearby dog parks.
Westin Hotels – Pampered pooches will enjoy a luxurious pet bed, floor mats, food bowls, ID tags and more to feel right at home. To help make traveling more enjoyable, owners receive a “welcome kit” with information on nearby exercise areas and other goodies. Many Westins also welcome cats, but not all, so contact our agency to find out.
Ritz Carlton Hotels – Several of these exceptional hotels offer special pet packages including organized pet hikes, special beds, tasty treats and squeaky toys for pets between 10 and 30 pounds.


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